Vegan Gnocchi with Basil Vinaigrette & Artichoke

You'd never guess this vegan gnocchi dish, with basil vinaigrette and roasted artichoke, comes together in under 30 minutes!

Basil is a flavor I could enjoy everyday and never get sick of.  

Remember how much—and how frequently—I’ve said I love pesto

The Basil Vinaigrette for this Vegan Gnocchi

This basil vinaigrette technically isn’t pesto.  But it’s a fun, lighter spin on that classic Italian sauce.

You may not believe me when I tell you that this classy vinaigrette comes together in approximately 45 seconds.


And you further may not believe me when I tell you that this fancy sounding, looking, and—if I may say so—tasting, meal comes together is no more than 20 minutes.

That’s right.  20 minutes.

vegan gnocchi

Fast AND Nuanced Flavor

It’s hard to find a meal with a nuanced flavor profile that comes together that quickly.  But my Vegan Gnocchi with Basil Vinaigrette and Artichoke is proof that, though rare, it is possible.  

The key to getting such layered flavors here is the combo of the basil, tomato and grilled artichoke.  The sweetness of the basil and tomato is both cut and complemented by the savory, slightly smoky grilled artichoke.  (I prefer the jarred grilled artichoke at Trader Joe’s.)

You could definitely make this dish with pasta instead of gnocchi.  But there’s something about that gnocchi texture that just puts the vinaigrette/tomato/grilled artichoke combo over the top.

vegan gnocchi

My Favorite Components for This Recipe

Oh, and did I mention this meal is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free?

Yep, just use my favorite vegan and gluten-free gnocchi—which you can find here on Amazon [aff. link].

Make this dish vegetarian by sprinkling a little freshly grated or ground Parmesan over the top of each serving, or keep it vegan by sprinkling a little nutritional yeast over each serving [aff. link].  


Or just serve unadorned.  I do that too.

And don’t forget to use a really nice olive oil for the vinaigrette.  For me, that means using PJ KABOS olive oil [aff. link], straight from the olive vineyards of the Panagiotopoulou Family in Greece.  I’ve mentioned before that I could drink this stuff.  

And it’s still true.

vegan gnocchi

Make my Vegan Gnocchi This Week!

Make my Vegan Gnocchi with Basil Vinaigrette and Artichoke, and enjoy some fresh, spring flavors on a busy weeknight, or a relaxing weekend.

I’ve already made it twice this week…! 😄♥️😋

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vegan gnocchi
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Vegan Gnocchi with Basil Vinaigrette & Artichoke

You'd never guess this vegan gnocchi dish, with basil vinaigrette and roasted artichoke, comes together in under 30 minutes!
Prep Time17 mins
Cook Time3 mins
Total Time20 mins
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For the basil vinaigrette:

  • ½ cup olive oil, I recommend PJ KABOS
  • 2 cups basil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 Tbsp Vegenaise, or mayonnaise if you’re not keeping this vegan

Everything else:

  • 28-34 oz gnocchi, I usually use 2 packages of Nocca Gnocchi, or 2 packages of the dry gnocchi at Trader Joe's (not the one in the freezer section)
  • ½ cup grilled artichokes, chopped (I like Trader Joe’s Grilled Artichoke)
  • ½ cup grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced
  • Pine nuts, to garnish (optional)
  • Parmesan or nutritional yeast, to garnish (optional, use nutritional yeast to keep this meal vegan)


Make the gnocchi

  • To make this an under 30 minute meal, start by making the gnocchi according to package instructions.
  • My favorite method for making gnocchi: place the gnocchi in a large pot, fill the pot with water—water level should be 3-4 inches below the top of the pot—and bring to a boil.  The gnocchi is finished cooking when it all rises to the top of the water, about 2-3 minutes.

Make the vinaigrette

  • While waiting for the gnocchi to cook, make the vinaigrette.
  • Add the olive oil, garlic, basil, salt, and Vegenaise to your food processor/blending apparatus of choice.
  • Pulse to get things going, then process until the basil and garlic are small flecks and everything has emulsified.

Bring it all together

  • Once the gnocchi finishes cooking, drain it, and put it back in the pot.
  • Pour about ¾ of the basil vinaigrette over the gnocchi. With a spatula, gently stir to incorporate.
  • Now add the tomatoes and grilled artichoke. Gently fold them into the gnocchi.
  • Tasate, and add more basil vinaigrette, or a little fleur de sel, if desired.

Serve and enjoy!

  • Garnish each serving with pine nuts and Parmesan/nutritional yeast, if desired.
  • Serve with arugula and fried chickpeas, or your favorite meat substitute. Enjoy!


This meal is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free.
If you don’t mind the meal not being vegan, you can substitute mayonnaise for the Vegenaise, and garnish with Parmesan instead of nutritional yeast.
This meal comes together in under 30 minutes!!!!!
© Copyright 2024 Vanguard of Hollywood

4 Responses

  1. 5 stars
    You’re talking my kinda language with this recipe, Shannon! I love pesto, and I love gnocchi…so the combination is making me quite hungry (and it’s only 7am here)! And this recipe is ready in 20 minutes!? Count me in! I’m intrigued by the basil vinaigrette. It sounds delicious…and an easy way to bring a bunch of flavor to a recipe, too. Yum!

    1. Thanks David! The basil vinaigrette is my new favorite dressing! Definitely a pesto feel to it, but much lighter. It’d be great on a salad too. Haha oh I agree, nothing is as exciting–especially on a weeknight– as a meal that is quick and delicious!

    1. Thanks so much Ben! It’s amazing how versatile gnocchi is, isn’t it? Always makes any sauce feel more decadent. 😋

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