Ladurée Beverly Hills Goes Vegan!

My heaven on earth, Ladurée, has officially gone vegan at the Beverly Hills location! The whole menu, from the lunch and dinner items to the famous macarons, is now entirely plant-based!
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We had several fun adventures this week! My in-laws were in town, and we always love taking them to our favorite places, and exploring new ones together.

We spent one of our days together in Los Angeles.  Of course, we had to stop at my heaven on earth, Ladurée.  We went to the Ladurée in Beverly Hills, probably my favorite of the LA Ladurée locations.

Exterior of Ladurée Beverly Hills. Isn't it adorable?!!

Everything was beautiful as usual when we walked in and stepped up to the macaron bar.  Then my husband spotted a card on the counter announcing some very exciting news: as of late September this year, Ladurée  Beverly Hills went vegan!

The vegan macaron bar at Ladurée Beverly Hills!

Everything on the menu is now plant-based, as are all the macarons and pastries they serve. Ladurée  Beverly Hills is the first, and currently the only, Ladurée  with a completely plant-based menu, designed by chef Matthew Kenney.

We didn’t eat a meal at Laduree this time, but can you believe how amazing everything on the new menu looks?!!! I’m already planning a trip back to enjoy lunch there!

A sampling of pics from the new entirely vegan menu at Ladurée Beverly Hills!

So what do Ladurée vegan macarons taste like, you are probably wondering?

My first box of vegan macarons from Ladurée Beverly Hills!

AMAZING. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The selection of Ladurée  vegan macarons is understandably smaller than their classic macaron line.  When we went, they had rose petal (my favorite flavor always, vegan or otherwise!), pistachio, salted caramel, vanilla, citrus, chocolate, and raspberry.  (I think I named them all!)

We tried just about all the flavors, and I think that of them all, rose petal is still the best, and not just because of my love for that flavor!  The texture of the macaron shell was the closest to the classic Ladurée  macaron, as was the creamy filling. Ladurée  vegan macarons are, without a doubt, THE BEST vegan macarons I have ever tasted.

I will say that nothing beats a classic Ladurée  macaron.  Although I am absolutely in love with this new vegan line, Ladurée ’s original non-vegan macarons are simply the best macarons out there.  I will continue to enjoy Ladurée ’s classic macarons, and their new vegan line!

If you are a plant-based eater, or just curious to see how a vegan macaron even works, I highly HIGHLY recommend visiting Ladurée  Beverly Hills!

Did I mention I can’t wait to go back?!!!!!

Have you ever tried a vegan macaron? 


Have you been to Ladurée  Beverly Hills since it went vegan?

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