Holiday Menu Ideas: Recipes for Your Table

White Christmas
Looking for Holiday Menu Ideas? Here are some of my favorite holiday recipes for mains, sides, and desserts.
vegan loaf

Savory Vegan Loaf

This Savory Vegan Loaf is a great meat replacement.  Made from brown rice, cashews, bread crumbs, herbs, and sauteed veggies, this vegan loaf is full of flavor.

Find the recipe here.

My vegetarian dressing is made with ciabatta bread.  I like my dressing slightly moist, but not soggy.  Ciabatta bread delivers the perfect texture.  If you’re looking for a bread pudding type of dressing, this isn’t the recipe for you.  This is more of the homemade croutons with veggies and herbs type of dressing.  If that’s what you like, you’ll love this ciabatta bread dressing.

Find the recipe here.

holiday cranberry sauce

Cranberry Compote

This cranberry compote is sweet and tart, but not overly so.  It pairs perfectly with my Savory Vegan Loaf, Ciabatta Vegetarian Dressing, and Mashed Potato Bake with Mozzarella.

Find the recipe here.

These mashed potatoes are baked.  Mozzarella and Parmesan add lots of versatile flavor and an amazing textured edge.

Find the recipe here.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts are the perfect holiday veggie side.

Find my recipe here.

My Champagne Vinaigrette Salad is delicious any time of year, but it’s an extra classy holiday side.

Find the recipe here.

Looking for a way to use holiday leftovers?  Make these Holiday Leftover Quesadillas, inspired by my viral Grilled Potato Spinach Quesadillas.


Find the recipe here.

Holiday Menu Ideas: the Desserts

pear pie

Stella's Pear Pie

I named this pie after my Ukrainian great-grandmother.  It is, hands down, the best pie I’ve ever tasted.  That’s quite a thing to say, but it’s no overstatement.  The pear filling and coconut almond topping are out of this world.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Pie

Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Pie with Pecans

This Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Pie takes the best elements of pecan pie and adds chocolate and butterscotch chips.  It’s truly addicting.

Find the recipe here.

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pumpkin cake

Pumpkin Cake with Spiced Buttercream

This moist pumpkin cake is always a hit.  The spiced buttercream takes it over the top.

Find the recipe here.

vegan persimmon cookies

Vegan Persimmon Cookies

These Persimmon Cookies are vegan, but you’d never guess.  They’re moist, studded with gorgeous persimmon, and topped with icing drizzle.

Find the recipe here.

vegan persimmon pudding

Vegan Persimmon Pudding

This English style persimmon pudding is also vegan, but you’d never guess based on its decadent taste.  I add chocolate chips for the perfect holiday dessert.

Find the recipe here.

White Christmas Vera Ellen Anorexic

Happy Cooking and Baking!

I hope these Holiday Menu Ideas inspire your holiday table.  And take a look at my Amazon store for the key ingredients and kitchen utensils that I rely on during the holiday season.

Happy Baking and Cooking! 

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4 Responses

  1. So I didn’t see this post in time for Christmas, but we’re in the midst of planning a fun New Year’s get-together with friends. Many of this recipes would work for that purpose as well…especially that Pear Pie! :-) Happy New Years to you and your family, Shannon!

    1. That is so excellent to hear, thank you David! I am sure your New Year’s party was a blast! Hope your New Year is off to a great start!

  2. Your recipes saved me this holiday season, just had to let you know. Between Christmas and Thanksgiving I made just about all of your mains, sides, and several desserts. My plant-based daughter visiting from college was so happy. Even our meat eaters loved it!

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