Macarons and Mimi Holiday Gift Guide!

It's the season of giving! Sometimes it can be really tricky to find the perfect gifts for the loved ones in our lives. Here are my top picks for gifts for family, friends, and, well, myself...!
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It’s the season of giving!  Sometimes it can be really tricky to find the perfect gifts for the loved ones in our lives.  Here are my top picks for family, friends, and, well, myself…! 😃

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Paul Newman
Make the men in your life feel super special, handsome, and well groomed like Paul Newman here, and get them a Big Skinny Wallet, or something from Gentlemen's Hardware!

For Him

Why are men so hard to shop for?!!!!

I don’t know about you, but just about every year, I have a mild anxiety attack over what on earth I’m going to find for the men in my life, namely my husband and my dad.

And then I remember that I discovered this amazing brand, Gentlemen’s Hardware.

Gentlemen's Hardware

This incredibly stylish, credit card-sized multi-tool from Gentlemen's Hardware is 10 tools in one! Can opener, knife blade, screwdriver, ruler, wrench, bottle opener, etc.! And it fits in your wallet. Definitely a great gift For Him. Click the photo to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

Basically, Gentlemen’s Hardware makes a whole bunch of cool guy stuff–like shoe shine kits, pocket knives, multi-tools, and my favorite, this masculine manicure kit [aff. links].  Everything from Gentlemen’s Hardware is packaged really, really well and stylishly.

I am never disappointed with their products, and can always tell that the receivers of Gentlemen’s Hardware gifts are excited to get them.  Now that’s what I call a successful gift!

This is my favorite product from Gentlemen's Hardware. This manicure kit is incredibly masculine, stylish, and useful. Click the photo to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

Big Skinny Wallet

Another great men’s gift is the Big Skinny Wallet.

Unlike us gals, guys don’t generally carry a purse they can throw all their stuff in before leaving the house…guys have to put all their necessities into a wallet.  And then they put that wallet in their pocket, not matter how huge, bulky, and uncomfortable that wallet may be to sit on all day…

The Slimline Leather Bi-Fold Wallet. This is one slick, ultra-slim wallet. Perfect for not bulking up pockets. Click to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

Enter the Big Skinny Wallet!  This wallet truly does everything it says.  You can literllay put 25 cards in this thing without it bulking up your pockets. 

I got one for my husband before we were married, and he loved it so much, he’s been reccomending Big Skinny Wallets to friends and family ever since!

Side view of the Nylon Microfiber Slimline Bi-fold Wallet. Can you believe how slim this wallet is?!!! Click the photo to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

If you want to give the men in your life a really great and incredibly practical gift, get them a Big Skinny Wallet.  We’ve been impressed with the Nylon Microfiber Slimline Bi-fold Wallet [aff. link], and friends have great things to say about the Slimline Leather Bi-fold Wallet [aff. link]. 

Big Skinny Wallets are definitely a gift to get excited about!

Ava Gardner's ready for Christmas! Did you know Ava was born on Christmas Eve?! Her mother would make two birthday cakes, one chocolate and one coconut, each year. One cake was to celebrate Ava, the other to celebrate Jesus.

For Her

PINK Cozy Lined Crew Socks

The PINK line at Victoria's Secret has some really cute and cozy socks this year!

These cozy socks from the Victoria’s Secret PINK line have been a lifesaver for me since the weather stared to get chilly!  They are sooo warm!  These socks are lined, while these ones are fleece.  You can’t go wrong with either style!  And to top it all off, these socks are ADORABLE!  Always important in my book.  Form follows function, right? 😆


PINK Sherpa Funnel Neck Pullover

I love my PINK Sherpa Pullovers! I'm probably wearing one now!

Also, while you’re cheking out the Victoria’s Secret PINK line take a look at their funnel neck Sherpa Pullovers.  These Sherpa Pullovers have been my other lifesaver on chilly nights.  What am I talking about, I live in these whenever I’m at home!  I’m probably wearing one right now as you read this!

Make the women in your life happy and warm with a cozy pair of socks or a Sherpa Pullover from the PINK line at Victoria’s Secret!

Ladurée Savoir Vivre: The Art of Fine Living

This beautiful book by Ladurée is utterly feminine, and the perfect holiday gift! Click the photo to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

Another great gift For Her is this adorable, totally girly book from my happy place, Ladurée [aff. link].

This lovely book [aff. link] is just as beautiful, high quality, and FRENCH as you’d expect something from Ladurée to be.  It’s even packaged in a cute little box, just like Ladurée macarons.  The book has gorgeous illustrations and cute little bits of French womanly advice, like how to be a good host, travel in style, and even tips for de-cluttering your life.  This cute little book is surprisingly practical!  Just looking at mine makes me happy. This would be a fabulous gift for any woman!

Leslie Caron and Michael Wilding in the kitchen ballet scene of The Glass Slipper (1955).

For the Chef

Le Creuset Mini Cocotte

Le Creuset cookware is the brand for the chef in your life.  But Le Creuset is expensive, there’s no way around it.  While I highly reccomend investing in one of their beautiful and practical dutch ovens or skillets [aff. links], most of us–definitely me!!–just can’t afford to gift these items!  But there are a few utterly adorable and practical Le Creuset items you can afford to gift!

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This cuter than cute pink heart Le Creuset mini cocotte [aff. link] is completely affordable.  I absolutely love mine.  It’s great for baking mini pies or cakes in for friends, or when you have just that little bit of batter left over and don’t want to throw it away!  

These adorable cocottes from Le Creuset are surprisingly affordable! And so so cute! Click the photo to view on Amazon!

I have a few of these round cocottes in Hibiscus Pink [aff. link].  (And there are soooo many colors of cocottes to choose from!  Find the one that matches your kitchen, [aff. link] or the lucky person you gift one of these to!)

I keep two of my cocottes on the counter top, one filled with sea salt, another filled with pepper, and that way I can get the exact measurement of salt or pepper I need for a recipe without dealing with a shaker. Plus they look adorable on the counter!

Le Creuset Spatula

I use my Le Creuset spatulas for everything! Click to view all the colors they offer on Amazon! [aff. link]

The other Le Creuset item that is totally affordable to gift this year is one of their amazing spatulas [aff. link].  I adore mine for everything from baking to sautéing veggies.  The chef in your life will be thrilled with this gift!  Be sure to check out all the beautiful colors they offer!


Sweety Pies by Patty Pinner

Probably my favorite cookbook, Sweety Pies by Patty Pinner. This book is a masterpiece of recipes and presentation. Click to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

Sweety Pies by Patty Pinner [aff. link] is probably my favorite cookbook EVER.  

The pie recipes are phenominal, but what really sets this book apart from all the rest is Patty’s lovely presentation of each recipe.

 Each pie recipe in this book is presented with a sweet anecdote about the woman from Patty’s childhood who either invented or inspired the pie recipe, from Patty’s mother, to her grandmothers, aunts, neighborhood friends, etc.

If you want a sweet book for the chefs in your life, this is the book for you!  And don’t forget to check out Patty’s other two amazing recipe books Sweets and Sweet Mornings! [aff. links]  I love them all, but Sweety Pies is my favorite.

Natalie Wood seems to be in the holiday spirit amidst all those poinsettias!

For the Classic Film Lover

Memories are Made of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughter's Eyes

I read A LOT of star bios as part of my work here at Macarons and Mimi.  Because Classic Hollywood and its stars are such a passion of mine, I must say it’s hard for me to think a single one is bad!  That being said, there are some that stick with me, that I go back and read over and over, that are just particularly spectacular. 

If you're looking for a great book, be sure to read Deana Martin's sweet memoir about her father. Click to view on Amazon [aff. link].

That’s how Memories are Made of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughter’s Eyes [aff. link] is.  This memoir about my favorite crooner, Dean Martin, is simply AMAZING.  I have sung its praises before!  Written by Dean’s beautiful and talented Daughter Deana–who follows in her dad’s amazing vocal footsteps–this book is completely loving and honest at the same time.  Deana paints a beautiful picture of her father.  If you want to get to know Dino, this is the book to read.  Well done Deanna!  And check out some of Deana’s amazing albums while you’re at it!  [aff. link]

How to be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life

audrey hepburn chocolate
How to Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life is an excellent book! This would make a very popular Christmas gift. Click to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

And for the coffee table, I highly recommend How to be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life [aff. link].  This is a book I have proudly displayed since high school.  It went with me to the college dorm, to my single-working girl apartment, to our newlywed home, and this book currently lends a touch of class to our new home.  

Not only is this book beautiful, it truly captures the essence of Audrey, with great advice that everyone should live by. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all tried to be more like sweet Audrey?  Get this book for your daughter, mother, friends, anyone who appreciates beautiful pictures and tips for living a better life.

Doris Day: The Essential Collection

Doris Day: The Essential Collection is a steal! Click to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

My last gift recommendation for the Classic Film Lovers in your life is this fabulous Doris Day film collection [aff. link].  We all need some Doris Day sunshine in our lives. What better way to do this than with some of her best films?  I’m telling you, Doris Day: The Essential Collection is a steal! [aff. link].  It includes all her films with Rock Hudson, plus one with James Garner, and two of her thrillers.  (Yes, Doris Day totally rocks the thriller genre!)  This is a great collection for new and old Doris fans alike!  Definitely a great gift for this holiday season! 

Doris reminds us that our shopping days are numbered!!!!

The Little Ones!

Beauty and the Beast Duplo Set

Ok, these gifts are admittedly pretty girly since most of the little ones in my life are girls!

The special little girl in my life, my daughter Mary Jeanne, LOVES her Disney Duplos.  She’s got a Cinderella set, and builds and imagines with it all day long.  I’m really excited that Santa found her some more Disney Duplos to add to her collection. If your little one loves Disney and/or creating, check out this new Beauty and the Beast Duplo set! [aff. link]  It’s so affordable.  Disney Duplos are  entertaining, help built skills, and exercise the mind.  So kids and parents can both be happy with one of these as a gift!

A reliable source tells me Mary Jeanne will be getting this Beauty and the Beast Duplo set for Christmas! Click to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

BabyLit Books

Have you heard of BabyLit?  BabyLit is an amazing company that publishes board books for kids based on classic literature.  My mom raised me with an appreciation for the Classics.  I love that because of her influence, I have read the UNABRIDGED versions of such classics as Les Misérables and War and Peace.  Thanks Mom!

BabyLit's Goodnight Mr. Darcy has been a favorite in our house for years. Click to view on Amazon! [aff. link]

I want to make sure that this love of classic literature is passed on to Mary Jeanne, so when I heard about BabyLit, I was absolutely thrilled!  This Babylit Collection includes many of Mary Jeanne’s favorites [aff. link].  Pride and Predjucie: A Counting Primer in this collection is an absolute must! [aff. link]  Get this collection for your little reader, and supplement it with MJ’s other favorites:  Little Women, Goodnight Mr. Darcy, and Les Misérables [aff. links].

BabyLit's Les Misérables is a "French Language Primer," so it was a fast favorite for MJ, who's been a Francofile since she was 18 months old...! Click to view this cute book on Amazon! [aff. link]

That's It!

So that’s the Macarons and Mimi gift guide! I hope it helps you find exciting, cute, and affordable gifts for your loved ones.

Happy shopping!


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