Paul Muni

The Life of Emile Zola

Most film buffs would agree that The Life of Emile Zola (1937) was the crown jewel of Paul Muni’s career. Based on the life of the renowned French writer of the title, Muni plays Zola as a young man, middle-aged man, and an old man in the film. Muni’s seamless and utterly believable transition between each of these ages alone makes his performance in The Life of Emile Zola one to be applauded and recognized!


What do you get when you put Paul Muni and Bette Davis together in a film? You get some fine acting, that’s for sure! Bordertown (1935) does not disappoint!


WOW. Scarface (1932) is one of those classic films that leaves you wondering how on earth it was made so long ago! Of course the look of the film is very much of its era, but the story, script, acting, lighting, etc., are truly timeless.

Star of the Month: Paul Muni

Paul Muni. Does the name sound familiar to you? Probably not, unless you are a diehard Classic Film fan! Muni, though lesser known today, was one of THE BEST actors of his generation. Here are a few interesting facts about this very private and very talented actor.