Jane Powell

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Jane Powell Gets Her Last Great Role, Brides Wear Quilts, Michael Kidd Does Lumberjacks Dances, and There’s Cat Woman!  It’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding (1951) is a CLASSIC. It’s classic Fred Astaire, with one of his most iconic dances—you know it I am sure, it’s the one where he dances on the ceiling. And of course, Astaire is supported in the film by our lovely Star of the Month, Ms Jane Powell.

A Date with Judy

A Date with Judy (1948) is a cute film that provides a fun and frothy, idealized view of teenage life in 1940s America. Jane Powell plays the quintessential teenage girl next door to absolute perfection! And don’t miss a young Elizabeth Taylor in her first “grown up” role. (And YES, at 15 years old, Liz is already DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!)

Star of the Month: Jane Powell

Jane Powell’s phenomenal singing voice almost guaranteed her a place in movie musical history. She is probably best known for her spot-on performance as Milly in the classic film, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954). To kick off this month celebrating Jane Powell, here are some interesting facts about her that may surprise you!