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Ann Sheridan

Star of the Month: Ann Sheridan

Ann Sheridan Has Plenty of “Oomph,” Does Her Own Singing, Is Voted Best Dressed, Fights Warner Bros. for Better Roles, and Moves to Mexico.

dark victory

Dark Victory, Bette Davis, and the 4th Warner Brother

Dark Victory is a Bette Davis classic! It’s a total “women’s picture,” just the type of role in which our girl Bette shines! Dark Victory is definitely melodramatic, and unashamedly plays with our emotions, but Bette’s acting is so superb, we the audience totally go for the highly dramatic storyline!


Sabrina!!!!!! This has been a favorite film of mine for a long time. I was a little late in joining the “I Love Audrey Hepburn” club, but ever since Audrey’s magic hit me upside the head junior year of high school, I have been a full-fledged fan. There are a few quintessential Audrey films, and Sabrina is one of them!