A Stylish Home with Photowall Classic Movie Posters

Classic Movie Posters
Classic Movie Posters add style to any room. For high-quality and absolutely beautiful Classic Movie Poster prints, visit photowall.com!
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This post is brought to you by my some of my favorite Creators, the passionate people at Photowall.  Photowall specializes in high-quality wallpaper, posters, and canvases.  Their Classic Movie Posters are my personal favorite! 

Our family, not too long before the big move! 💗

Just about a year ago, we moved.

And for us, it was a particularly big move: after years of apartment-living and dreaming, we were finally in our own home.

Now it’s time for me to admit to something a little embarrassing.

Until recently, our home didn’t look all that more homey than it did just after we first moved in…


Can anyone else relate??? 

Not Another Dorm Room

The biggest thing our new place lacked was personality, something our previous apartments had in spades.

Lack of time was of course a huge contributor to our boring walls.  

But the bigger reason?

We didn’t want our new home to look like a college dorm room.

And that was a vibe our previous apartments certainly gave off with my collection of photos and prints of…let’s just say variable quality that we had on display.

Photowall: High-Quality Classic Movie Posters and More!

So I was beyond excited when Photowall reached out to me last month.


Photowall is a Swedish company that specializes in high-quality wallpaper, posters, and canvases.  Their products range from classic art (they have so many of my favorite Van Gogh’s here!), modern art, and photos, to Classic Movie Posters.  You can even upload your own images, and Photowall will make a stunning wallpaper, poster, or canvas print of it.

Can you guess what Photowall products got me particularly excited?

YES.  The Classic Movie Posters!!!

Classic Movie Posters are a stunning decor statement, whether you’re a Classic Hollywood fan or not.  And Photowall crisply prints Classic Movie Posters in the form—wallpaper, poster, or canvas—and size of your choosing. 

Classic Movie Posters

My Favorite Photowall Classic Movie Poster

I’ve always been a little obsessed with the beautifully simple and stylish movie poster from the Bogie and Bacall film noir, 1946’s The Big Sleep.  I’ve dreamed of owning a high-quality print of the poster for years.  And now, thanks to Photowall, that dream is a reality.

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Photowall generously sent me a canvas print of The Big Sleep movie poster.  And it is exactly the classy, stylish, high-quality touch our walls needed.  

I was able to custom choose the canvas size I wanted right on Photowall’s website, so the movie poster is perfectly scaled for our space.

I can’t get over the quality of the print.  It’s crisp, clear, and the colors really pop.  I’m continuously making excuses to walk by the movie poster whenever we’re home! ♥️

Classic Movie Posters

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If you’re looking for a way to bring more style and personality to your home, check out the amazing wallpaper, prints, and canvases Photowall has to offer.


For the next month, Photowall is treating all Macarons and Mimi visitors and Vanguard of Hollywood listeners to 25% off any Photowall purchase.

Just use code macaronsandmimi25 at checkout.

You can browse all of Photowall’s beautiful products here.

Or, go straight to the impressive movie poster selection.

Doesn't she have good taste? This is my daughter's favorite Classic Movie Poster from Photowall for her room. She's a big fan of Cover Girl (1944) and Rita Hayworth. Click to view this canvas print at photowall.com!

My Classic Movie Poster Recommendations at Photowall

I highly recommend looking through all of the classic film posters Photowall offers, they’ve got prints from lesser-known films as well as the best-loved classics.

And if you want a little inspiration, below is my wish list of Photowall’s Classic Movie Poster canvases.  Click on the pics to go straight to the product details at Photowall!

Does it get any more classic than Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)? This Photowall canvas is at the top of my list! Click to view product details at photowall.com.
I can already envision this Double Indemnity (1944) poster in our living room. Click to view at photowall.com!
A bit more obscure, but still a classic. Veronica Lake is STUNNING in this canvas poster from This Gun For Hire (1942).
Of course Photowall has some Marilyn! How adorable is this Bus Stop (1956) canvas? Click for details at Photowall.
Classic Movie Posters
Quite possibly the most beautiful Classic Movie Poster EVER. Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946).
Does it get any cooler than Steve McQueen...??
...only if it's Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke (1967). Love this 1960s style Movie Poster in the canvas print at Photowall!
Classic Movie Posters
Ok, ok, last one! A rare Audrey poster from Funny Face (1957). I absolutely love this canvas print. ❣️

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