Barbara Stanwyck

Great Oscar Injustices: Barbara Stanwyck (Part III)

Barbara differed greatly from her peers in regards to television: she realized that TV was here to stay, and that it could offer more roles to a woman her age than films. As such, the list of Barbara’s television credits from the late 1950s to the end of her life is extensive. In fact, younger fans may recognize her more from her TV work than her film career. She most notably played Victoria Barkley in the popular television western series “The Big Valley,” from 1965-1969.

Great Oscar Injustices: Barbara Stanwyck (Part II)

So we pick up with Barbara in 1936, the year she met the beautifully handsome Robert Taylor. After her abusive marriage to the domineering and alcoholic Frank Fay, Taylor indeed was a breath of fresh air for our girl.

Great Oscar Injustices: Barbara Stanwyck

I wanted to do something a little different this month and showcase two amazing actors who never won an Oscar for a film performance, despite their amazing talent and contributions to countless films that did win Oscars.