Marilyn Monroe's Little Brother: An Interview with Scott Morrow

Mimi Gibson and Scott Morrow and Shannon Allen
Scott Morrow was one of the Golden Age's most featured child actors. Listen to my interview with Scott for all about his remarkable career.
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If you’re a fan of the Golden Age of Film and Television, you’ve undoubtedly seen Scott Morrow on the screen.  

Scott Morrow

Scott Morrow: A Child Actor of the Golden Age

Scott was one of the most featured child actors of the era, with more than 95 television credits and 16 feature films to his name.  Scott’s impressive body of work includes countless classics, from An Affair to Remember (1957) and Peyton Place (1957), to television’s The Donna Reed Show, Lassie, and Wagon Train.  

Scotty Morrow and Diane Varsi in Peyton Place
Scotty Morrow and Diane Varsi in Peyton Place (1957). Scott played the pivotal role of Joey Cross.

From Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, and Lana Turner; to George Montgomery, Jack Benny, and Terry Moore, Scott has worked with the best of the best.  The location of his dressing room on the Fox Studio lot also led to a close, brother-sister relationship between Scott and the legendary Marilyn Monroe.  

Marilyn Monroe and Scotty Morrow
Marilyn Monroe visits Scotty Morrow at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in 1958. Scott and Marilyn enjoyed a special brother-sister relationship.

An Interview with Scott Morrow

Last week, Scott joined me in Los Angeles to discuss his remarkable career.  Several times throughout our interview, I found myself marveling at the fact that I was sitting in the same room and talking with someone who had intimately known and performed with so many of Classic Hollywood’s greatest stars; stars that I, like so many, have adored since childhood. 

Mimi Gibson and Scott Morrow and Shannon Allen
Mimi Gibson and Scott Morrow went to elementary school together and remain friends today. I am so honored to be in this photo with two Classic Hollywood stars!

But Scott–who in the years following his acting career joined the Air Force, served in Vietnam, graduated from UCLA and the Brooks Institute of Photography, and embarked on a career as a top photographer that continues to this day–remains modest about his contributions to the Golden Age.

The Cosmic Man (1959)
Scotty Morrow with Bruce Bennett and Angela Greene in The Cosmic Man (1959).

Listen to Episode 76 and Read the Book!

Be sure to listen to episode 76 of Vanguard of Hollywood to hear all about Scott’s impressive acting career.

made in hollywood book

And for the full story of Scott’s life, read Jennifer Vaughn’s narrative nonfiction work, Made in Hollywood: the Scott Morrow Story.  This page-turning biography will hook you from page one.

Scott Morrow speaking at a 2019 tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

A Selection of Scott Morrow’s Work

Many of Scott’s films and television appearances are available online. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Cosmic Man (1959)
The Toughest Gun in Tombstone (1958)
The Restless Gun (1957-1959)

The Heart is a Rebel (1958)

10 Responses

  1. What a career! Peyton Place is one of my all time favorites. And he knew Marilyn! Can’t wait to listen during my lunch break.

  2. Buying the book now! What a life Scott has led. Working with old hollywood greats, serving our country, and a thriving photography career. This was a wonderful listen!

  3. Another great interview. Thank you for including some of Scott’s work. Haven’t seen the Cosmic Man in years and it’s a classic. Could you link to some of Mimi Gibson’s work on your essay on her?

  4. Loved listening. Scott’s memories of Marilyn are so sweet. Imagine knowing Marilyn like a sister. What a lucky guy!

  5. What a guy! So many interesting experiences and people met during his career. Thank you Scott for sharing, and thank you Shannon for asking the questions!

  6. just finished listening to this great episode. scott has worked with so my legends. as another listener commented, it’s great having links to his work available. looking forward to watching them all!

  7. What a great way to start the day this episode was! Loved listening to Scott, and I’m so thankful he’s sharing his experiences. Great to hear it all from someone who was there!

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