Radiant Beauty: An Interview with Marta Kristen

Marta Kristen and Shannon Allen
The beauty of Marta Kristen literally radiates from within. Listen to our interview to be inspired by Marta's life, career, & beautiful soul.
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If you admire the beautiful Marta Kristen onscreen, meeting her in person won’t disappoint.

When I met Marta at her lovely oceanfront home, I was stunned by the exquisite woman before me. Marta Kristen possesses every external beauty imaginable. But it is Marta’s inner beauty—her kind heart, generosity, the genuine love and interest she gives to those around her—that sets Marta apart.  The beauty of Marta Kristen literally radiates from within.

Marta Kristen
Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson in Lost in Space (1965-1968).

An Extraordinary Life

Marta’s inner beauty is both intrinsic and the result of an extraordinary life well-lived.  Her earliest years were spent at an underground orphanage in Norway, where Marta’s birth mother hid her at the close of WWII to ensure that Marta was not taken and raised in a Nazi home.  At five years old, Marta had the incredible luck to be adopted by a good couple from the United States, who taught her the integrity and moral code that Marta lives by to this day.

Marta Kristen

Marta’s dream of becoming an actress was realized when her adopted family moved to Los Angeles during her high school years.  She immediately found work on the stage, and in film and television, most notably as Judy Robinson in the beloved classic science fiction television show, Lost in Space (1965-1968).  

Lost in Space
The cast of Lost in Space (1965-1968).

It wasn’t until adulthood, on the cusp of motherhood herself, that Marta learned she was one of nine children conceived by her birth mother.  It speaks to Marta’s open heart that she not only met these long lost siblings, but formed deep connections with them all.  

After the end of her first marriage, Marta supported her daughter as a single mother until she met her eternal partner, the love of her life, Kevin Kane.  Marta and Kevin were married for 38 years, until Kevin’s passing in 2016.

Marta Kristen

Be Inspired by Marta Kristen

Marta’s inherent goodness and the way she rises to life’s challenges with dignity and grace have shaped the remarkably beautiful woman she is.

I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have met and conversed with Marta Kristen face to face.  But you don’t have to meet Marta in person to be inspired by her beautiful soul.  Marta’s eternal beauty is evident for all to experience in our interview.

Listen to episode 79 of Vanguard of Hollywood to be inspired by the beautiful Marta Kristen.

Marta Kristen and Shannon Allen

4 Responses

  1. This was an amazing interview. Marta’s life story is absolutely incredible. Thank you Marta (and Shannon) for such a wonderful start to my day!

  2. Radiant beauty indeed. What a woman and what a life! Marta made me laugh, cry, every emotion imaginable. Another well-conducted interview Shannon, and thank you Marta for sharing your story.

  3. Had a crush on Marta since I watched Lost in Space as a teenager. Good to know she’s as beautiful on the inside as out. Great interview!

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