Lana Turner Podcast: Platinum Perfection

This Lana Turner podcast episode honors Lana's birthday with a few facts you didn't know about Hollywood's most glamorous star.
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Lana Turner tops the list of Hollywood glamour queens.

Always camera ready, always fashionable, and usually decked out in jewels, Lana was the definition of movie star.

With her rags to riches discovery story, ethereal beauty, and seven husbands, Lana Turner’s life was the stuff of Hollywood legend [aff. link].  But beneath the movie star image was a thoughtful, funny, generous, and hard-working woman who loved her mother and daughter above all else.

Lana Turner podcast

Lana Turner Podcast: A Birthday Tribute

In celebration of her February 8th birthday, episode 59 of my podcast, Vanguard of Hollywood, is all about Lana.

Listen for all about Lana’s discovery story, the inside scoop on her seven husbands, details about the Stompanato Homicide and how Lana’s daughter Cheryl saved her life, all about Lana’s lifelong love of fashion and hot sauce, and so much more.

Lana Turner Podcast Episode Video References

As referenced in the podcast episode, here are my favorite 1980s interviews of Lana that showcase her great humor and sense of fun:

What a STAR.

My Collection of Lana Turner Owned Items

And here’s a peak at my collection of Lana Turner owned items.  Discovering photos of Lana wearing these pieces that are now in my collection makes them truly priceless in my book.

Read my article, Lana Turner: A Life of Fashion, to view my complete collection of Lana Turner owned items.

lana turner black evening purse

You can find my complete series of Lana Turner articles here.

Lana Turner podcast

Happy Birthday Lana!

And be sure to listen to Episode 59 of Vanguard of Hollywood.

Happy Birthday Lana!

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