Video Special: Inspiration from Jimmy Stewart & It's a Wonderful Life

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And today, I’m excited to announce Vanguard of Hollywood’s latest venture into video.

Jimmy Stewart Video

Inspiration from Jimmy Stewart & It's a Wonderful Life

There are few films as inspiring as It’s a Wonderful Life (1946).  And there are few stars as noble as Jimmy Stewart, who bravely put his film career on hold to serve his country as a bomber pilot during WWII.

As Vanguard of Hollywood segues into video, it seems only fitting to share Jim’s story, and to go behind the scenes of It’s a Wonderful Life in our first episode.

Jimmy Stewart Video

It's a Wonderful Life & Jimmy Stewart Video

Watch the video above for all about why I love classic films and the extraordinary stories and people behind them.  Take inspiration from Jimmy Stewart’s remarkable military service, and Frank Capra’s beautiful message in It’s a Wonderful Life [aff. link].

Jimmy Stewart Video

More to Come!

And stay tuned for more inspiring stories and recipes.

There’s so much more to come.

Frank Captra

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  1. So glad I stumbled on this video. Inspiring background information to share as we watch It’s A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.

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