Gary Cooper

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

Jimmy Stewart Can Dance and Proves He’s a Leading Man, Henry Fonda Has 35 Cats, Greta Garbo Moves Far Away, and Frank Capra’s Name Is Above the Title. From 1939, it’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Jimmy Stewart

Star of the Month: Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart Plays the Accordion, Hates Oatmeal, Builds Model Airplanes with Henry Fonda, Loves His Wife, Is a War Hero, and A Genuinely Nice Guy. But Don’t Mess With Him!

Design for Living

This week I chose to watch and review Design for Living (1933), largely because I am not yet a Fredric March fan, and this film pairs him with GARY COOPER, of whom I am definitely a fan! What better way to introduce myself to Mr. March than by starting with a film that also stars someone I know I already enjoy?