Fredric March

Bedtime Story

When I saw that Bedtime Story (1941) was playing last week, and that it paired Fredric March with Loretta Young, I knew it was the film I would choose to watch and review. I was so looking forward to watching it! I love the gorgeous and talented Ms Young, particularly in her 1940s films. And after enjoying Fredric March and his comedy performance in Nothing Sacred, I was confident that Bedtime Story, also a comedy, would be fantastic.

Nothing Sacred

I was really excited to watch Nothing Sacred this week! I mentioned previously that I have seen the film before, but had not realized that Fredric March was in it—Carole Lombard literally stole the show. So this time around, I watched Nothing Sacred with the intent of really focusing on Fredric March’s performance.

Design for Living

This week I chose to watch and review Design for Living (1933), largely because I am not yet a Fredric March fan, and this film pairs him with GARY COOPER, of whom I am definitely a fan! What better way to introduce myself to Mr. March than by starting with a film that also stars someone I know I already enjoy?