The Postman Always Rings Twice

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

Lana Turner Rocks a Turban and Hot Pants, John Garfield is the First Major Star to Entertain the Troops, Bette Davis Says YES, and Lana and Julie Really Are Just Friends. From 1946, it’s The Postman Always Rings Twice.

All About Eve

All About Eve (1950)

Bette Davis Loses Her Voice, Doesn’t Destroy Joe Mankiewicz, Spits at George Sanders, and Prepares Us For a Bumpy Night. From 1950, it’s All About Eve!

dark victory

Dark Victory, Bette Davis, and the 4th Warner Brother

Dark Victory is a Bette Davis classic! It’s a total “women’s picture,” just the type of role in which our girl Bette shines! Dark Victory is definitely melodramatic, and unashamedly plays with our emotions, but Bette’s acting is so superb, we the audience totally go for the highly dramatic storyline!


Dangerous (1935) was the film that brought Bette Davis her first Oscar, and introduced many of the characteristics that Bette became famous for: her clipped phrasing, flashing eyes, and razor wit. With Dangerous, Warner Brothers finally found the type of role that Bette excelled at—tightly wound women with a strong, sometimes cruel exterior, hiding a core of vulnerability. Bette would play characters like this for basically the rest of her career because she was just so darn good at them!

Star of the Month: Bette Davis

Bette Davis is Spunky, Smart, Feuds with Joan Crawford, Knows How to Use Those Eyes, Coins “the Oscars,” and Has a Heart of Gold. Here are a Few Things About Bette Davis You Didn’t Know!


What do you get when you put Paul Muni and Bette Davis together in a film? You get some fine acting, that’s for sure! Bordertown (1935) does not disappoint!

Pocketful of Miracles (1961)

Bette Davis & Glenn Ford Hate Each Other, Frank Capra Sells Out, & Bette & Hope Lange Play Musical Chairs. It’s 1961’s Pocketful of Miracles.

Star of the Month: Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford Changes His Name, Has Boyish Charm, Almost Leaves Hollywood, Marries Eleanor Powell, and He’s Got Rita Hayworth’s Back!