carmen jones (1954) dorothy dandridge

Carmen Jones (1954) and Dorothy Dandridge

[…] works in the local parachute factory.  Carmen can quite literally have her pick of any man who crosses her path.  Any man that is, except Joe ( Harry Belafonte), a  handsome corporal on base preparing to leave for flight school. Despite Carmen’s overt interest and come-ons, Joe remains true to his sweet fiancée  Cindy Lou […]

Dorothy Dandridge nightclub act

Dorothy Dandridge: Bright Road (1953) & Nightclubs

[…] teaching in the classroom. The other teachers at school think Jane is wasting her time on C.T.  But with the encouragement of the handsome Principal Williams ( Harry Belafonte), Jane continues to get through to C.T.  And as the the school year goes on, C.T.’s report cards show his progress: for the first time, he […]

Lilies of the Field (1963)

[…] was time to find the right actor to play Homer Smith. Lilies of the Field: Casting Homer At first, the role of Homer Smith was offered to Harry Belafonte.  But Belafonte turned the role down flat, believing the film would do nothing to further Civil Rights.  Belafonte believed the character Homer Smith was, well…basically boring.  […]

Otto Preminger: The Man Who Would Be King with Foster Hirsch

[…] Cooper Janis, Caroll Baker, Don Murray, Julie Harris, Tab Hunter, and Christopher Plummer.  He also possesses an incredibly impressive collection of Greta Garbo owned items. Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, Robert Mitchum, and Otto on the set of Carmen Jones (1954). It’s an episode of Vanguard of Hollywood you don’t want to miss!  Be sure to […]

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge: The Trailblazer

[…] the world. With her great talent and beauty, Dorothy deserved infinitely more than the handful of starring film roles she was offered during her Hollywood career.  As Harry Belafonte once said of Dottie: “She was the right person in the right place at the wrong time.” Dorothy at the Cannes Film Festival, 1955. Dorothy Dandridge […]

Sidney Poitier: Elegance & Eloquence

[…] status quo.  His later portrayals of gallant and accomplished black men on screen would greatly contribute to changing the way America viewed the black community.  L-R: Sidney, Harry Belafonte, and Charlton Heston at the March on Washington, 1963. Sidney Poitier Was a Self-Educated Man Sidney excelled at bringing intelligent and educated characters to life onscreen.  […]