Cool Hand Luke

[…] the new guy. But also because Luke stands out—he says smart-alec things to the prison floorwalkers, and sticks up for new inmates when they get hazed by Dragline (George Kennedy), the alpha inmate. Luke stands by his sense of justice and (moral?) convictions, even when the smart thing to do is to just be quiet, or […]

Tony Curtis Could Act: The Boston Strangler (1968)

[…] assigns John Bottomly (Henry Fonda) to head a “Strangler Bureau” to finally catch the strangler and bring him to justice.  Bottomly works closely with Detective Phil DiNatale (George Kennedy), and, as more women fall victim to the strangler, Bottomly even resorts to less conventional methods, and hires renown psychic Peter Hurkos (George Voskovec) to […]