I Was A Male War Bride (1949)

Ann Sheridan Drives a Motorcycle, Cary Grant’s a War Bride, Howard Hawks Likes Comedy, & Everybody Gets Sick. It’s I Was a Male War Bride.

Billy Travilla: A Fashion Tribute

[…] Underappreicated Talent of Billy Travilla Over the course of his career, Billy Travilla dressed an estimated 270 stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Young, Jane Russell, Sharon Tate, Joanne Woodward, Diahann Carroll, Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Tony Curtis, and Charles Bronson.  Travilla’s designs for Marilyn Monroe alone created the iconic look we associate with Marilyn–the […]

Joan Blondell

Star of the Month: Joan Blondell

[…] in the film tries to keep her husband from leaving her after he cheats on her with another woman…ironic. From L-R: June Allyson, Joan Collins, Dolores Grey, Ann Sheridan, Ann Miller, and our girl Joan. Sadly for sweet Joan, June and Dick Powell were getting it on while Joan and Dick were still married. […]

Isn’t She Yar: Katharine Hepburn & The Philadelphia Story Comeback

[…] and no longer wants to marry him.  The wedding, Tracy says, is still off.  With a home full of wedding guests, Tracy knows she’s got a difficult announcement to make. Tracy sees George’s true colors after reading his break-up note. The Philadelphia Story Wedding Then Mike, swept up in the moment, spontaneously proposes to […]

Double Indemnity, Edward G. Robinson, & HUAC

[…] head at the time, Buddy DeSilva found Stanwyck’s blonde wig with the sausage bangs a distraction.  After seeing the rushes from the first day of filming, DeSilva announced: “We hire Barbara Stanwyck and here we get George Washington.” But Billy Wilder disagreed, and defended his choice of wig.  While he admitted it wasn’t the […]