some like it hot

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Marilyn Monroe Out-Earns the Boys, George Raft Teaches the Tango, Billy Wilder Goes Crazy, & Tony Curtis Likes Tight Pants. From 1959, it’s Some Like it Hot.

A New Jimmy Stewart: Winchester ’73 & Gloria

[…] Manners (Shelley Winters) realizes that Lin has the courage her fiancé lacks. Lin and the Calvary defeat Young Bull and his men, and a Calvary soldier ( Tony Curtis) retrieves Lin’s Winchester from the battlefield. But Lin and High Spade have already set out after Dutch Brown again.  The Calvary decides to gift the Winchester […]

Shelley Winters: The Quirky Bombshell

[…] unquestionably the most extensive source material about her life.  But it’s worth noting as we begin our month with Shelley that she was a notorious embellisher.   Tony Curtis, most certainly not a Shelley fan, begins his 1993 autobiography with a blatant jab at Shelley’s sometimes questionable recounting of events: “I am determined to make […]