vegan tofu

Esther Williams Vegan Tofu Milanese

My Tofu Milanese is inspired by Classic Hollywood’s aqua musical star, Esther Williams. Like Esther’s veal Milanese, my take on this classic is loaded with fresh garlic and rosemary.

A Pure Heart: The Tragedy & Triumph of Dorothy Dandridge

[…] house.  Then Harold went off to play golf.  For the whole day. A beautiful couple. Dottie and Harold in the early 1940s. (Sounds a little bit like Esther Williams’ experience during her first pregnancy, doesn’t it?) But Harold was wrong: the baby was, in fact, on her way. Lucky for Dorothy, Fayard’s wife Geri was […]

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge and Bright Road (1953)

[…] and the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. Friend Ava Gardner visits Dorothy on the set of Bright Road (1953). Changes at MGM If you remember from my last Esther Williams article, as the 1950s began, MGM’s Louis B. Mayer found his power at the studio diminishing.  Under Dore Schary’s influence, particularly after Schary took over […]

operation petticoat

Operation Petticoat, Tony Curtis, Cary Grant, & LSD!

[…] Trips For the decade of 1958-1968, Cary Grant continued to use and extol the miracle healing powers of LSD, inspiring other stars searching for answers, such as Esther Williams, to see if acid trips would give them similar clarifying effects. But ultimately, Cary decided that LSD did more harm than good, and he stopped […]